Frank Kvitta does not come from an extreme musical parental background, nor has he taken over his brothers‘ record collection. He is not influenced by Kraftwerk or his  first Loveparade experience – and certainly not by the music shown on television. Frank Kvittas‘ musical education always took place on one single place – the dance floor.    For 18 years he was riding on the fast lane. He brought Hard Techno music all over the planet, in nearly every country, nearly every important festivals and clubs and it was an absolute great time. But sometimes you have to go back to your deep anchored roots, and do what your heart is telling you. It was not an overnight decision. It was spoken over and over again, and in the end it was done with a smile in one eye and a tear in the other.    Planned in 2015 and implemented in 2016, Frank did a re-start to his musical career. He went back to his roots of still driving but melodic moody techno sounds. And it started more than well. His first releases got immediately signed by labels like Cristian Varela´s “Pornographic”, Sasha Carassi´s “Phobiq”, A-Paul´s “Naked Lunch” or Sven Wittekind´s “SWR Records”, Andrea Frisina’s „GateNull Recordings“ and many more to come.   Driven by this support, he found the strength to launch his long time planned new imprint. In mid of March 2016, RED WALLS was born. A platform existing out of a label, showcases, podcast, events and so on for high qualitative techno artists, whatever if they are newcomers or already well-known. In the end, it is what constitutes Frank from his beginning: Music out of machines, but created with heart!

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