Real life partners and working 20 years in the music scene, Anne Gelfei & David Merlino launched in 2016 their new Techno project called Resistohr, a name which stands for:  Resistance – meaning “freedom fighter” , and Ohr – the German word for “ear”.  The Brazilian DJ and producer team, now based in Berlin, is already receiving a good feedback for their project, which officially debuted at the famous German festival Nature One. And in a short amount of time, they have already reached many different audiences in performances done in Spain, UK , Italy, Hungary and hosted a biweekly night at Void Club Berlin, named “This Is Real Techno! And A Little Bit Harder”.

2017 is planed with a big blast of a start for the duo, with the launch of David and Anne’s own Techno label – PHONK! – which will feature their own productions, a studio work that,  due to the incredible music legacy delivered by this amazing duo, already has the support by genius gear company Novation. Following this powerful start comes the debut of their podcast and twin Techno nights , called “Phonk”, which is regularly held in Berlin and Amsterdam.

Performing with 4 CDJS and 2 Mixers , gear and efx, dressing cool shades, full of attitude and accurate music taste that was honed in the last 20 years of work with the electronic music, Resistohr presents a complete show to the crowd , a feast for the senses.


Resistohr is 100% Techno!

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